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Marjorie Webster Schunke (1906-1990) of Rhode Island worked tirelessly tracing her family’s Webster and Worden roots for over 30 years. She was involved with the founding of the Worden Family Association and as well as the Pettaquamscutt Historical Society, which operated out of the Old Washington County Jail in Kingston, RI. Her collection of over 24 cubic feet of genealogical research is now stored in the archives of the North Kingstown Free Library in North Kingstown, RI.

Schunke was well widely known as an expert in Rhode Island genealogy and local history. She often traced people’s family histories free of charge and was sought out for her local history knowledge. The Schunke Collection primarily consists of Schunke’s research into her own family lines, especially the Worden and Webster families, but also includes research into other families, many with Rhode Island connections. The collection contains genealogies, notes, correspondence, copies of research materials, photographs, publications and other miscellaneous papers.

After her death in 1990, Schunke’s genealogical collection was left in the care of her friends, Leona Kelley and Sallie Latimer. The collection was donated to the South Kingstown Free Library. Kelley led an effort to have the collection microfilmed at the Rhode Island State Archives by the Church of Latter Day Saints. A set of the microfilm is now held at the North Kingstown Free Library and is also available to view on the Church of Latter Day Saints website, Familysearch.org. 


In the late 1990s, it was determined that the North Kingstown Free Library, which has climate controlled archival storage and a larger local history collection, would be a better home for the Schunke materials. The collection was transferred to the North Kingstown Free Library and a group of librarians and volunteers organized the contents of the collection into binders designated by surname. An index of over 34,000 names was created on a spreadsheet, which shows the binder and page number where information on each entry can be found. 

The index is useful for researchers examining the materials at the library but it is of little use in negotiating the online materials. Schunke Collection Name Index.

Volunteers have also written summaries of the contents of many of the binders. Unfortunately, the index created by North Kingstown Free Library does not correspond to the materials as they appear on the Family Search site. 

A document showing the relationship between the two is at NKFLibrary_Schunke_Summaries.pdf  
This document shows where material referenced in the NKFL summaries can be found on the Family Search site.

An introduction to The Schunke Collection by John Schuerman


Schunke Volume Summaries I

Volume XVIII, K, Smith.doc

VOLUME XVI Smith.doc

Schunke Collection, Baker to Button, Volume IV (Smith).doc

Schunke Collection (Smith).doc


Schunke Collection, Bahn (Smith).doc

N TO P, XVII.doc

King, Volume XII.doc

King, Volume XI.doc

Bahn, Volume III (Smith).doc

KING, Volume XIII.doc

Schunke Volume Summaries II

 Schunke Collection V.22.doc

Schunke Collection V.21.doc

Schunke Collection v. 20.doc

Schunke Collection V 19.doc

Note:  The volume numbers in the summaries correspond to the volume numbers in the name index.

 A file with more information about the material on the FamilySearch website is Schunke_on_LDS on this website.

North Kingstown Free Library (NKFL)

If you navigate to  https://www.nklibrary.org/, on the top bar there is a Local History link. That leads to online history resources.

Special thanks for his WFA presentation and providing this documentation:

Tom Frawley 
Reference and Nonfiction Coordinator 
North Kingstown Free Library 
100 Boone Street 
North Kingstown, RI 02852 
(401) 294-3306   

Reference contact email: nkiref@nklibrary.org

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