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Pat Warden, President, Worden Family Association, Inc.
July 27, 2018


There has been a considerable discussion recently about privacy policies for genealogy websites. The Worden Family Association, Inc., owner of the Worden Family Association website and publisher of the quarterly newsletter, Wordens Past, does its utmost to protect our members’ privacy. We have previously published an “opt-out” statement regarding sharing WFA members’ names and email addresses with trusted partners who agreed to one-time use of that information. Some of you opted out of this sharing and we respected that request. Proprietary information on members' names, mailing and email address, and membership status is maintained only on the WFA president's and webmaster’s computers which are password protected. The text of the WFA”opt-out” statement appears on the last page of our newsletters. 


Beginning May 25, 2018, visitors to the WFA website with IP addresses in the European Union External Action Service (EEAS) are no longer tracked by default. Our Yahoo website hosting (ISP) is taking steps to make sure that they comply with EEAS General Data Protection Regulations. For more information on this, go to


There is information on some living persons mentioned in WFA member submissions and as published in Wordens Past. We have changed the database to exclude all information about living people. Previously names only were included.

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