Samuel Worden of Boston

Does anyone have any new information about the ancestry of Samuel Worden of Boston who married Mehitable Hinckley 24 March 1659?

Pat Warden

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  1. Bob Symons says:

    Do you mean Mehitable Hinckley born about 24 Mar 1658-59 died 1726, daughter of the former Governor Thomas Hinckley of Massachusetts? I have a record here that says a Samuel Worden (Worthen) was born in about 1643 in Barnstable, MA. This Samuel Worden died about 12 Jan 1691/92 and he was the founder of the Boston family of Wordens. I see a comment in my notes that Samuel Worden wrote to Governor Hinckley signed 30 May 1691 your son-in-law. His widow, Mehitable married second William Avery of Dedham in about 1698. I also see that there was a Samuel Worthen born Honiton, Devon s/o John and Ruth b: 10 March 1655, but we think that’s an error, it could be 1645, died at age 46.
    There is a story that a Samuel Worthen came to Barnstable and because the Wordens were already there, the people just called Worthen, Worden. It was too much trouble correcting them. We do not know if Samuel Worthen knew Dr. Samuel Worden, but clearly these two Samuels were different people. Mehitable Hinckley and Samuel (Worthen) Worden were married 6 June 1681 and had children namely: Thomas 1682, Samuel 10 Feb 1683/84, Mary 4 May 1686, and Eliza 19 Feb 1688/89. Eliza died young 18 May 1692, Samuel Jr., married Mary Bill 25 July 1706. These then are the founding Wordens of Boston. Comments are welcome!

  2. Pat Champion says:

    I have information I found at the Salt Lake Family History Center 11 years ago. Adele McConnell Hayward, great-grandaughter of Jesse Worden, says “Peter Worden 1st, with his daughter, Eleanor, came on the Anne which arrived in Plymouth in July 1623. His first place of settlement was Lynn, Massachusetts, but he is first heard of at Yarmouth. He is one of 4 Wordens in America a that time.

    He was first to die at Yarmouth, he had only son Peter Worden, The will is published in “Mayflower Descendent vol. 3 1901 P 76.

    Samuel Worden son of Peter and Mary Worden of Yarmouth, was born in 1646 and died in 1716. Was he married twice? once to Hopestill Holley, m in 1665 ir earlier, daughter of Joseph.

    Information It says he was the first male Worden born in America and became a large landowner and a prominent physician. He reserved the Worden graveyard by will, a burial place for the Worden race forever and bought land in the Pettiquamcut Purchase, Rhode Island in 1695, and gave his name in Worden Pond.

    I have more inormation from that book. Starting with Peter Worden 1569-1638.

    I have genealogy of my grandfather William Albert Worden 5 May 1886-to Valentine Worden 1785 Married to Jane Pierce in 1834. I want to tie into the Worden line after Valentine do you have any information? I hope I have something that can help you.

    Samuel’s children:
    Isaac born 1673

    That is the 3rd generation of Wordens in America. I have other information too.

    I’m glad I found this blog. Thank You

    Pat Champion (Worden)

    • Mary Buerkley says:

      Thank you posting, sometimes there are tidbits that we pick up from these postings that are new to us, or make us delve further into our heritage. Now, I do have a list of all the ships and most of their passenger lists from the early times of the colonies…..Mentioned here that peter Worden I came on the ship, the Anne, (I have read that he came with his son, just the two of them.) But what is important is, they could not have come in 1623, when another long time member here said that he was listed in a town in Britain in 1630. So, the ship, Anne, would not be his transportation. When he came over I would say is anytime from 1631 to 1638, and there were quite a number of of new arrivals with no ship name to their record in the later part of the 1630’s. Nothing is clear about these two men, the Peter Wordens, maybe they came as the servants(no names), but Peter had land holdings in Britain, so does not see to be poorly..And as to Peter Worden II’s wife’s name, many put down Sears/Winslow, for her maiden name, and Mary as first name……and Winslow is mentioned in one of the wills being called an “in law”……people have gone over sources with a fine tooth comb so to speak, and still a shrouded story is unfolding after many years. To the point and records to search, could anyone really have the answers to these questions that we keep asking? Many years to do so….I never knew about these ancestors of mine until just a very few years ago……I’m way behind.

  3. Bob Symons says:

    Yes, Dr. Samuel Worden married first in about 1665 to Hopestill Holley d/o Joseph Holley and Rose Allen; he was married second to Francis West late in life circa 1715, after Hopestill passed. Our genealogy link to presidents Barack Obama and Gerald Ford is through the Holley family.

    Dr. Samuel Worden, s/o Peter Worden and Mary {surname unkown} owned land south-east of Worden Pond, RI and south of Mink Brook. He later purchased land on the Pawkatuk River near the right angle bend at the RI-CT state line and gave three fifty acre lots, there, to his son Isaac Worden b: 1673 circa 1709. Isacc and Rebecca had a large family from which we are descended through William W. Worden (1698-1781).

    The graveyard you mention for Dr. Samuel Worden is at Wequetequock Cove, CT. near Stonington (present day – New London).

    Willing to share information.
    Bob Symons, a Worden cousin.

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