CAPTAIN ISAAC WORDEN died 1783 in Island of Dominica

As a descendent of this individual’s father, I am seeking additional information about his life.  Specifically, I may travel to Haiti in October and was considering whether I could investigate the particulars of his death and burial while there.

CAPTAIN ISAAC WORDEN  was born 26 Jul 1721 in Stonington, CT, and died 1783 in Island of Dominica.

 He married (1) SARAH WILCOCKS 03 May 1738 in Stonington, New London, CT, daughter of

WILLIAM SR and DOROTHY PALMER. She was born 17 Aug 1713 in Stonington, New London, CT, and died1757 in Stonington, CT. He married (2) ANN WILCOX Aft. 1757. She was born Abt. 1736.


 Comander of the Bradstreet, a Privateer. The Bradstreet hadeight guns and was in the Battle of Quebec City 1759. It also participated in the over 200-ship blockade on the St. Lawrence River assisting the British to defeat the French in a major turning point of the war for control of North America between the British and the French.


Occupation: Sea Captain & a Master of a Frigette of 8 Guns in 1759


Family resided in Stonington while the Captain was at sea.


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  1. Pamela Srock says:

    According to a tradition, Samuel, Peter and Joseph Worden, brothers, from England, settled near New York about 1760. On the dawn of the Revolutionary War, Peter and Joseph went to Nova Scotia. Samuel Worden, blacksmith, espoused the Whig cause, left his home at Pumptin? Plains, near New York, enlisted, and served in the forces which, under Sullivan, chastised the Indians after the Wyoming Massacre. Returning down the river, he died at Sunbury, Pa., leaving a wife and five children–(Nathaniel Worden was the oldest).

    ** The above is from the Worden Family Record** …these are the Wordens from which I am descended though the name became WARDAN from Samuel Wardan, son of above mentioned Nathaniel. If anyone has info on this line I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much.

  2. Pat Warden says:

    There is a very interesting and well researched article about Captain Isaac in the latest Issue of Wordens Past.
    Worden Family Association Archivist

  3. Allan Werden says:

    It is important to distinguish between the Dominican Republic which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, and the island-nation of Dominica (pronounced Dom-in-i’-ca). Captain Isaac Werden died on the tiny island of Dominica which is in the Lesser Antilles (among the Windward Islands) north of Trinidad.

    • Yes, indeed, thank you for making that distinction. Are you aware of any other details, such as was his death related to the French invasion?

      and perhaps:

      • Allan Werden says:

        Based on the Articles of Capitulation signed on Sept 7, 1778, it appears that Isaac was able to continue his civil duties as a surveyor as well as his merchant business following the French conquest of Dominica. But conditions were tough during the French occupation. A fascinating book on the history of Dominica, published in 1791, is available online and has the Articles of Capitulation.
        We know he was writing letters to William Hewitt in Nov. 1778, and Samson Mears was referring to him as the “principlest merchant in Dominica” in 1779. But in 1780, there were unsettled bills in dealing with Aaron Lopez of Rhode Island. According to the book mentioned above, the trading business on the island suffered greatly after hostilities broke out in America, but Isaac must have managed somehow to still be trading with Lopez.
        As to the cause of death in 1781 or 1782, one can only guess without any documentation. There is a slim possibility of church records in Roseau, but cause of death would not likely be shown. Given the longevity of his father and others in the family, he didn’t likely die of old age at 60. Any number of causes are possible such as heart attack, cancer, tropical disease, etc.

  4. Bob Symons says:

    This is a good blog on Captain Isaac Worden, who was one of my direct ancestors, a 6 greats-grandfather. I have further information on his homes in Quebec City (1759-1775), and at Wamphassuc Point in Stonington, CT (1751). It seems Captain Isaac Worden died in 1783 in Dominica, possibly after hearing of the sad death of his son Dr. Isaac Worden who was prisoner of war on a prison ship, Augusta or Jersey, in New York harbor. Captain Isaac is said to have been an heir to the English family estates in Leyland, Preston and Clayton, Lancashire. I have some information on the correspondence between Isaac Worden and Aaron Lopez as well.
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