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Grant Application

This application, as well as the actual order with Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), may be completed by either the prospective testee or his sponsor/nominee.  

I/we  cannot pay for part or all of DNA testing and hereby request a grant to be applied to a DNA test with Family Tree DNA. Additional information appears below under “Reason for grant request.” Evidence of my genealogical research is attached. I agree to the following:

Because the science of DNA testing is in its infancy and new tests are likely to be made available in the future, I authorize the Worden Family Association to order additional testing of the DNA sample that is or will be held by Family Tree DNA (FTDNA).  Upgrades may be paid for by myself, my relatives, the Association or individual Association members. The DNA sample itself will be held by FTDNA according to its own policy. This authorization can be rescinded at any time by me  by notifying the Association in writing and reimbursing the Association for this grant.

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Reason for grant request (which test and why):




Copy and paste this Grant Application in an email to Grant Program.

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