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            When Pat Warden, editor of the Worden Family Association’s newsletter, Wordens Past, asked if I were willing to share my Extended Worden/Warden family files on a web site, my first reaction was certainly, especially if it could help others in their genealogical searches. I found much of the information through the “serendipity method” of research.  Typically, when I visit a library, I browse the shelves for books which I suspect might have data on the Worden family. I extract whatever I find and add it to the data base. I make up a simple heading consisting of the name of an individual or entity, the relevant state or place, the relevant county, and a short phrase identifying an event or date, etc.   The headings have served my purposes, and are helpful at times with computerized searching. Sources are cited for the data.

            This method has produced a hodge-podge of material which in the conglomerate provides a considerable amount of data. I have presented the data as they appear in my files for my private use, without editing, etc. I have tried conscientiously to avoid errors and apologize for those which have unavoidably “crept into” the data.

           The "Extended Worden Family Files" should not be cited as a source. Citations should be to sources given in the files with a note "as found in Hutchins' 'Extended Worden Family Files.'" The information is being shared primarily as an aid to research and is not intended to be relied on as definitive proof.  The source of the information should be considered in evaluating its accuracy.  

Outlines following entries were constructed by the compiler and are based on the data in the entries above the outline and in other sources which may be cited.   The outlines should in no way be considered as source material themselves.  They were prepared primarily for the compiler's benefit.  However, they may be useful as research guides or aids.

             I sincerely hope the information is helpful to researchers and that you have as much fun with genealogy as I have had. 

Dick Hutchins   hfoxdale@verizon.net


           The extractions are arranged alphabetically and you may click on the letter below. 

           Suggestion:  If you are looking for a particular person, he/she may be listed in other sections beside their own name (father, wife, Worden family, census, war records etc).  It is probably best to do a search of all sections.




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