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This is a partial list of useful genealogical and local history research sites accessible on the Internet. Most can be used for free but some require subscriptions (fees) to access the actual records that are found. If you live in an area with a good local history library, public library, or university library, those institutions may already subscribe to these online services, in which case you can use them for free when at those libraries. The following list includes only a small selection of Web sites, many more exist. If you wish to recommend a Web site for this list that you have found particularly useful, please email robert@wordenfamilyassoc.org. 

Research Tip: As always, users of these and other Web sites need to be alert to the sources and validity of information you have found. While some of these sites carefully document their information, others do not. Always make a record of where [URL] and when [date you accessed the Web site] you found information you are using to compile your genealogy or family history. Some sites provide images of actual documents but be sure to credit not only the site where you found it but where they say they found. Beware of undocumented information. Some Web sites are frequently updated, check them again later. 

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