Worden Family Association Reunion 2023

The WORDEN FAMILY ASSOCIATION (WFA) is in the preliminary stage of planning the 2023 WFA Reunion. In order to best serve our membership, we would like to find out your preferences for our next reunion. Please fill out the survey in paper form enclosed with your WP newsletter or this online version. Thanks! WFA Executive Board

1. Name:
(this is to help us keep track of who has returned the questionnaire, we will not associate your name with any of your answers; if you feel uncomfortable giving us your name, leave it blank)

2. Have you attended previous WFA reunions?

If Yes, How many?

If Yes, when was the last reunion you attended?

3. What would you say is the likelihood that you would attend a reunion in the future?
  Very likely
  somewhat likely
  Somewhat unlikely
  definately not

4. What are the most important aspects for you in attending WFA reunions? (rank using 1 for the most important, 2 for the next most important, etc.) Renewing old friendships

Meeting new friends

Traveling to new places

Traveling to familiar places

Doing research in the location and Learning from the presentations and tours

If none of these, tell us what is important to you:

5. Some people like to have most of the time of reunions scheduled while others want to have unscheduled time for their own pursuits. What best describes what you would like?
  Keep me well scheduled
  Give me free time
  Sort of half and half, schedule me but not too much

6. As we think about where to have the next reunion, what should be our primary consideration? (rank using 1 for the most important, 2 for the next most important, etc.) Geography (that is, where in the US or the world we go)

A place with important Worden connections

A place we can have interesting presentations

A place with research opportunities


if none of these, specify other consideration

7. We have been having our reunions in the early fall. Would you prefer a different time?
  Keep them in early fall
  Move them
  It doesn't matter to me
  Any time except winter

If move, to (month):

8. As far as the location of our next WFA reunion would you like to see it in:
  The Northeast
  The East
  The Midwest
  The South
  The West
  Anyplace in the U.S.
  Anyplace in the U.S. or Europe
  Anyplace in the World

9. Your suggestions for places for us to go:

10. Your suggestions for content of the reunion and our meetings:

11. WFA has done preliminary planning for having the next WFA reunion at Fort Worden in Washington State. The facility would supply lodging, meals, and meeting rooms. Tours of the Olympic Peninsula would be scheduled according to interest. Would you attend a reunion at Fort Worden in 2023?
  Definitely not

If maybe, it depends on:


12. What else should we be thinking about as we plan for a reunion in 2023?

13. Would you be willing to help with arrangements?
  if close to my geographic area

14. What is the most you would spend for a 3 day reunion at Fort Worden as described, above?