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Table of Contents to Wordens Past
2001 - 2010 

Vol Issue  
21 4 February 2001 (Page numbers 1707-1730)
    William Glen Worden Obituary
    New Editor of Wordens Past
    Worden Website
    Worden Cemetery at East Dennis, MA
    More Information on Sylvester & Elisha Worden
    Dr. Nathaniel Worden Jr
    Pennsylvania Vital Records
    Nathaniel Worden III & Dr. Nathaniel Worden of Dutchess Co
    Records from the Computerized Worden Databank
    Jackson Co, MI Burials
    Worden Family Association Hall of Fame
    Attendance at Worden Reunion, Newport, RI
    Worden Family Association
    Announcement of Worden Surname Census, 1640-1850
22 1 May 2001 (Page numbers 1731-1754)
    Archivist's Wish List
    Worden Cemetery at East Dennis, MA
    Lines from Samuel Worden Jr
    Monroe Co, NY Landmarks
    Records from the Computerized Worden Databank
    Probate Record of Semy Worden
    Gratiot Co, MI Land Records
    Pension Application of James R. Worden of Mississippi
    Signature of Peter Worden I
    Worden Reunion Photographs
    Worden Family Association
22 2 August 2001 (Page numbers 1755-1778)
    Funeral Sermon for Jesse  Babcock Worden, 1855
    Lines from Samuel Worden Jr.
    Virtual Searching on Location
    Jones Worden, Steamboat Captain
    Confusion of Two Men Named Jesse Worden
    Records from the Computerized Worden Databank
    Comments on Genealogical Terminology
    Syracuse, NY City Directories, 1857-1865
    Worden Family Association
22 3 November 2001 (Page numbers 1779-1802)
    Schuyler Worden, Civil War Veteran
    Lines from Samuel Worden Jr.
    Extract from Publication: Lake Champlain, Saratoga
    Worden Family Association Bylaws
    Records from the Computerized Worden Databank
    Clark Warren Cemetery, Marlboro, Windham Co, VT
    Worden Family Association
    Worden Cemetery Plaque
    Announcement of Worden Reunion, Salt Lake City, 2002
22 4 February 2002 (Page numbers 1803-1822)
    Peter Werden
    Samuel Worden in New Jersey in 1754
    Lines from Samuel Worden Jr.
    Online Genealogy Resources
    Gateway to New England and Beyond
    Worden Family of Ocean Co, NJ
    Wordens of Oakland Co, MI
    Epitaphs in Saratoga Co, NY
    Marjorie Schunke's Genealogy Collection
23 1 May 2002 (Page numbers 1823-1846)
    Werdens of Leyland, England
    Rutherford B. Hayes
    Obituary of Alfred S. Worden, Civil War Soldier
    Schunke Collection: Notes and Indices
    Brattleboro, VT Library Report Visit
    Marjorie Schunke Obituary
    Letters of Captain Isaac Werden
23 2 August 2002 (Page numbers 1847-1870)
    Fort Worden at 100
    Worden Website Update
    Obituary of Rachel Worden Allen
    Kent Co, MI Vital Records to 1870
    Advertisement of Dr. Worden's Female Pills
    Schunke Collection: Notes and Indices
    North Kingstown, RI Library Visit Report
    Finding Facts in Unusual Places: Oral History
    Worden Pilgrimage Update, Sale Lake City
23 3 November 2002 (Page numbers 1873-1894)
    NOAA, Navy Raise Turret of U.S.S. Monitor
    U.S.S. Monitor Human Remains
    Schunke Collection: Notes and Indices
    Book Owned by Elder Peter Worden
    Chingle Hall, Home of Margaret Grice Wall Worden
    Finding Facts in Unusual Places: Oral History
    Canadian Census Committee News
    Westerly, RI Library Visit Report
23 4 February 2003 (Page numbers 1895-1918)
    Attempt to Achieve Closure of Two Early Worden Problems
    Schunke Collection: Notes and Indices
    Worden Reunion in Salt Lake City, With Photographs
    Worden Cemetery, Halifax, VT
    Space-Time Continuum
    Providence, RI Library Visit Report
24 1 May 2003 (Page numbers 1919-1938)
    New Editor of Wordens Past
    Pension Application of Benjamin Worden of King Street
    Ancient Documents of Dutchess Co, NY
    Berkshire Co, MA Records
    Oliver Norton Worden Photograph
    Original Newspaper Request of O. N. Worden for Data
    Family History of M. Lafayette Worden
    Restoring Old Photographs with the Computer
    Abbreviations Used in Genealogy
    Reprint of Worden Mystery No 1
    Announcement of Worden Reunion in Dartmouth, NS
24 2 August 2003 (Page numbers 1939-1958)
    South Kingstown, RI Records
    Gabriel Worden of Granville, OH
    More Genealogical Abbreviations
    Report on Archival Activity
    Family History of M. Lafayette Worden
    Bits and Pieces of Worden Information
    Jackson Co, MI Records
24 3 November 2003 (Page numbers 1959-1978)
    Records of North Kingstown, RI
    More on Gabriel Worden of Vermont
    Family History of M. Lafayette Worden
    Reprint of Worden Mystery No 2
    Elder Peter Worden
    Worden Marriages in Ohio
    More Genealogical Abbreviations
24 4 February 2004 (Page numbers 1979-1998)
    Formal Statement of Editorship of Wordens Past
    Royal Ancestry of Peter Worden I
    Damned Spots and Other Notable Events, Peter Worden I
    Wordens Past Editorship
    Looking for a Worden Centenarian in Pawling, NY
    Internet Corner
    Canadian Corner: Mystery of Gilbert Worden of Dunham
    Photograph of Lissie Worden and husband, in Leon, IA
    Definitions for Old English Documents
    Family Record of Nathan Worden & Polly Sutton
25 1 May 2004 (Page numbers 1999-2022)
    Reprinting of Initial Page of Wordens Past, May 1980
    Admiral John Lorimer Worden's Sword Recovered
    Canadian Corner: Descendants of Many Worden
    More Royal Ancestry of Peter Worden I
    Relationship to George Washington & George W. Bush
    Table of Remote Relationships from Ancient Ancestors
    Ancestors of John Worden
25 2 August 2004 (Page numbers 2023-2044)
    Pre-conquest Royalty in the Ancestry of Peter Worden I
    Dudley Worden's Origin, and Other Considerations
    Judge Milton W. Worden of Mansfield, OH
    Order of the Crown of Charlemagne & Peter Worden
    Richmond, RI Records
25 3 November 2004 (Page numbers 2045-2066)
    Lady Obsessed with Poison
    First Settler in East Dennis
    10,000 Vital Records of Eastern New York, 1777-1834
    10,000 Vital Records of Central New York, 1813-1850
    10,000 Vital Records of Western New York, 1809-1850
    Windham Co, VT Gazetteer & Business Directory, 1884
    Stonington, CT Records
    Elias Worden of Prince Edward Co, Ontario
    Werdens Buried in Prince Edward Co, Ontario
    Rhode Island Colonial Records Extracts
    Photographs from England
    Worden Reunion at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
    Worden Reunion Photographs, Dartmouth, NS
25 4 February 2005 (Page numbers 2067-2086)
    Case of Margaret Radcliffe and Nicholas Rishton
    Thomas Worden of Dutchess Co, NY
    Extracts from a Manuscript
    Mt. Adnah Cemetery, Fulton, Oswego Co, NY
    Heraldry in the Ancestry of Peter Worden I
    18th Century Wordens of Westchester Co, NY
    Stonington, CT Land Records
    Announcement of Trip to England and Scotland
26 1 May 2005 (Page numbers 2087-2106)
    Stonington, CT Records
    Extracts From a Manuscript
    Holley / Holway: One Man, Two Names
    New Brunswick Records
    18th Century Wordens of Westchester Co, NY
26 2 August 2005 (Page numbers 2106-2127)
    Sequence of Men Named William Worden
    New Brunswick Records
    18th Century Wordens of Westchester Co, NY
    North Stonington, CT Records
    Some Thoughts About Hearsay and Primary Sources
    Peter Worden I's Ancestors in the 14th Century
26 3 November 2005 (Page numbers 2128-2149)
    Worden Genealogy in the 21st Century
    Queen Margaret, Peter I's 16th Great Grandmother
    18th Century Wordens of Westchester Co, NY
    Westerly, Hopkinton, East Greenwich, RI Records
    New Brunswick Records
    Gretchen Worden Obituary
    Announcement of Worden Reunion in Bennington, VT
26 4 February 2006 (Page numbers 2150-2171)
    William Worden & Mary Hall
    Sequence of Men Named William Worden
    Alvin C. Worden of Hancock Co, OH
    Bits and Pieces of Information
    New Brunswick Records
    Worden Weaver
27 1 May 2006 (Page numbers 2172-2191)
    Covered Bridge Built by Marcus Worden
    Vermont Material
    History of Marlborough, VT
    Worden Burials in Halifax, VT
    Worden Families of Vermont
    Gilbert Worden of Stephentown, Drummer
    Guernsey Co, OH Marriages, 1810-1826
    New York City Methodist Marriages, 17851893
    New Brunswick Vital Statistics
27 2 August 2006 (Page numbers 2192-2217)
    Peter Worden's Magna Carta Surety Ancestors
    John Warden of Petersham, MA
    Stonington, CT First Congregational Church
    Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine
    Graves of Revolutionary War Patriots
    New York City Methodists Marriages, 1785-1893
    Service Requirements for DAR Membership
    Service Requirements for SAR Membership
    Worden, Warden, Werden DNA Project
    Guilford, VT Town Clerk Records
    John Lewis
    George L. Bolton Obituary
27 3 November 2006 (Page numbers 2218-2241)
    2006 Worden Reunion
    John Warden of Petersham, MA
    Obituary of Jean D. Worden
    Worden DNA Project
    West Becket Cemetery
    New York Genealogical and Biographical Record
    DAR Genealogical Records
    26 Ways Peter Worden Descended from Charlemagne
    Worden Reunion Photographs
27 4 February 2007 (Page numbers 2242-2267)
    Wayne Co, MI Records
    Lady Godiva
    Connecticut Probate Records
    Worden Pronunciation
    New York Genealogical and Biographical Record
    DAR Genealogical Records
    Worden DNA Project
    Celestia Worden Crandall Letter, circa 1920
    How Many Ancestors Do We Have, and Who Are They?
28 1 May 2007 (Page numbers 2268-2295)
    John Lorimer Worden and His Namesakes
    George Austin Morrison Jr. Letter to Edward C. Worden
    Worden Roots & Finding New Cousins
    Byrd-Worden House, Lacey Township, Ocean Co, NJ
    Confederate Soldiers
    Onondaga Co, NY Census of 1855
    Onondaga Co, NY Cemetery Inscriptions
    Onondaga Historical Association Records
28 2 August 2007 (Page numbers 2296-2321)
    Stonington, CT
    Last English Royal Ancestor of Peter Worden I
    DNA Project Update
    John Lorimer Worden and His Namesakes
    Project in Historical Demography
    Charles Worden of New Jersey
    1861 Census of Esquising, Halton Co, Ontario
28 3 November 2007 (Page numbers 2322-2347)
    The First Settlers in East Dennis
    Report on Annual Family Tree DNA
    The Worden Family in Early Steuben Co, IN
    Our Worden Heritage
    Stonington, CT 1777
    Bits and Pieces
    Stonington, New London Co, CT
28 4 February 2008 (Page numbers 2348-2373)
    Asa Werden of Prince Edward County
    The Talbot Ancestors of Peter Worden
    Robert Pope Worden
    Dora Pope Worden
    One Hundred Puritan Ancestors
    Our Worden Heritage
    Worden Information Extracted from other Family Histories
29 1 May 2008 (Page numbers 2374-2397)
    2008 WFA Family Reunion Update
    2009 Reunion Planned for Newport News, VA
    Lyman Worden Pioneer
    Revisiting Colonel William Werden
    Archival Resources on Rear Admiral John Lorimer Worden
    Resolving Worden Mystery No 44, Howland Sherman Worden
    Worden DNA Update
    Our Worden Heritage
    Bits and Pieces
29 2 August 2008 (Page numbers 2398-2425)
    Son of Captain Worden: A Poem
    The Richmond Family
    Evolution of the Worden Census
    Various Items Extracted from Published Sources
    Worden DNA Project Update
    Our Worden Heritage
29 3 November 2008 (Page numbers 2426-2453)
    Changes in the Worden Census Volume of 2000
    Revisions and Extensions of Prior Analysis
    Worden DNA Project Update
    Grand Fete in Grand Rapids - Lieutenant John Lorimer Worden
    Our Worden Heritage
    Sometimes Extreme Speculation Hits the Mark
    Early Wordens in Michigan: Data Extracted
    Extracted Bits and Pieces
29 4 February 2009 (Page numbers 2453-2484)
    President Obama and the Wordens
    Two Rear Admirals of the U.S. Navy
    William S. Worden
    Who was Major Worden
    New Findings in DNA Research
    Revisions and Extensions of Prior Analysis
    Judah Worden, Man of Mystery
    Our Worden Heritage
30 1 May 2009 (Page numbers 2485-2510)
    CD for Sale
    Ontario & Quebec Worden History
    Gabriel Worden
    Worden Mystery Solved
    A Visit to the Gravesite
    Who Are They?
    John Wesley Worden
    Bucklin Worden
    Our Worden Heritage
    Worden Lineage Descriptors
    A Cautionary Example of Census Unreliability
    To All Family Researchers
30 2 August 2009 (Page numbers 2511-2538)
    How DNA can help fill in a Pedigree
    Peter Werden V: Called to shepherd the Patriots
    New Census Information
    Jonathan Worden
    Tidbits of Further Information
    Various Worden Abstracts
    WFA Loses a Friend, Past President and Long Time Supporter
    Our Worden Heritage
30 3 November 2009 (Page numbers 2539-2564)
    Worden Family Association Reunion
    The Veterans' History Project
    Four of Alton Worden's Grandsons Went to War
    Why Should I test my DNA?
    WFA Web Site
    Canadian Report
    Asa Worden and His Descendants
    Worden, Werden, Warden, or Maybe Woodin or Wooden
    Other Wordens Who Immigrated to America Prior to 1800
30 4 February 2010 (Page numbers 2565-2592)
    From the Editor, Pat Warden
    Have You Had Your DNA Tested Yet? Doris Wheeler
    The First 10 "Worden" in Canada West: Debby Worden
    January 1852 Census of Canada West: Debby Worden
    Crusader Ancestors of Peter Worden I: John Schuerman
    Three Worden Children with Palmer H Card: Gilbert Bahn
    Family History of Samuel Harrison Worden: Darla Lee
    Our Worden Heritage: Clayton Worden
    Worden, Werden, Warden, Woodin, Wooden: Gilbert Bahn
    A Follow up on William S. Worden: Donna Rae Scarth
31 1 May 2010 (Page numbers 2593-2618)
    From the Editor, Pat Warden
    John Worden of Mentz and Aurelius, NY: Mark F. Worden
    Geography,Sometimes Roadblock, Success:G Bahn
    Barnes Worden: Susan Crowder
    A Bucklin Sighting: Susan Rumble
    Fort Crailo: Reese Worden
    Descendants of Gabriel Worden: Debby Worden
    Publicity and Membership: Doris Wheeler
    A Contradiction As a Correction: Gilbert S. Bahn
    Our Worden Heritage: Clayton B. Worden
    Wordem, Werden, Warden, Woodin or Wooden: G Bahn
31 2 Aug 2010 (Page numbers 2618-2645)
    From The Editor: Pat Warden
    Schuyler Worden: Crown Price or Black Sheep: J Wright
    Identifying a Wife's Maiden Name: Gilbert S. Bahn
    A Small Correction: Robert Worden
    The Latest Word on DNA Testing: Doris Wheeler
    Two Worden Families in Canada: Debby Worden
    Our Worden Heritage: Clayton Worden
    A Minor Correction: Gilbert S. Bahn
    Another Correction: Jonathan Davidson
    Recognition of Wardens: Gilbert S. Bahn
    An Old Mystery Still Unsolved: Pat Warden
31 3 Nov 2010 (Page numbers 2646-2675)
    Wordens Past Cumulative Personal Name Index
    The Revenge of the Collaterals: Susan Rumble
    The Parish Register of Kingston,Frontenac Co,Ontario: Debby Worden
    So you haven't any DNA relatives to test?: Doris Wheeler
    Attention all Facebook and Genealogywise Fans: Doris Wheeler
    Old Letters: The Elmer Worden Collection
    Can Anyone Help?: Ferris Lee Worden
    More from Mrs. Haskings: Gilbert S. Bahn
    Our Worden Heritage: Clayton B. Worden
    It is a Small World: Bruce Miller
    Another Warden Family: Bruce Miller
    Renewal Procedure
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